Collection: Products for Combination, Oily and Blemished Skin.

Let Shazy's IMPURE Facial System guide you to visibly healthier skin.

For too long, we were made to believe that only chemical-filled products could improve our skin, but it's finally time for a new perspective.

Shazy™ has developed the IMPURE facial system, an innovative solution for skin affected by pimples, impurities and imperfections. Our products are made with natural ingredients, free from aggressive chemicals, to take care of your skin in a healthy and delicate way.

Our products are designed for combination, oily skin and skin with imperfections such as pimples, acne, enlarged pores and blackheads.

With our IMPURE DE detergent. PU . RA. you can say goodbye to the fear of a product that dries out your skin,

while the IMPURE RE—BORN face cream

it is your daily ally in the fight against pimples and imperfections.

Its light and hydrating formula helps reduce excess sebum, tightening enlarged pores and preventing the formation of acne.

Apply it daily to achieve visibly clearer, more even and healthier skin. It reduces dilated pores and prevents the formation of imperfections.

Discover healthy, fresh and clean skin with Shazy!