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SHAZY is the new Made in Italy brand of cutting-edge cosmeceuticals, which supports inclusiveness and sustainability , preferred by the new generations. We make Clean&Green products to help resolve the discomfort that your skin condition can create.

Our products are created to enhance your authentic beauty.

We specialize in treating the skin of new generations using only functional substances and natural active ingredients of plant origin.

And for our community this means:

  • Delicate products that do not create problems

  • Better specialized performance.

Thanks to our Clean&Green system we put young people in the best position to best express their authentic beauty.

Our mission is to help those who are new to cleansing, hydrating and treatments.


We all grew up with acceptance problems due to our way of being, or with those who criticized us for our appearance or our skin. We want to feel free to be true, authentic and unique. Now we know we are fine as we are. We are not perfect yet. So? IMPERFECT is PERFECT . That's not the point?


Our founder:

the founder Paolo Musolino shazy products for skin and hair

Shazy was born from passion and my experience in the hair & beauty sector. From the desire to broaden my sphere of influence to be able to help people feel good about themselves, including through skin care.

I have always had people's self-esteem as a point of reference and I believe that when we feel good about ourselves, we can face life's challenges better.

I have been working in the hair & beauty sector for many years. Through my beauty business I have come to understand how skin conditions can have a negative impact on people, especially young people.

Being bodyshamed for your skin condition creates psychological distress and suffering. With my work I have always tried to "alleviate" this type of "suffering"; I propose looks that highlight the valuable points and limit the imperfections.

Through my work in the beauty industry, I have always sought to alleviate appearance concerns and make people feel good about themselves.

I launched the Shazy brand in the skincare sector, aimed at the dermocosmetic departments of pharmacies, to offer high quality products that can help the new generations feel adapted to the times.

I spent day and night looking for a solution, talking to people, who put their trust in me, regarding their skin and hair needs. With Shazy I succeeded.

I did more research and created Clean products that are easy to use and fun. Products that make us feel better, more beautiful and above all safer. They are products based on natural ingredients and which respect the ecological needs of our beloved planet.

My hope is that Shazy can inspire you and make you appreciate your natural beauty, making you understand that you make your skin beautiful. And not the other way around.

Attention to sustainability and the environment is imprinted in the brand.

The brand is an acronym that arises from the fusion of 5 factors:

S sustainability

H habitat

At attention

Z generation

Y young

Shazy wants to be sustainable and promote sustainability. We love our habitat, the environment we live in, our planet.



We are attentive to respecting inequalities and everyone's rights. We stand up for what is right!

We want to help enhance and strengthen the best expression of yourself, to celebrate your authenticity and diversity. We prioritize inclusion and respect. We promote equality.

With our scientific experts we create sustainable cosmetics, designed with CLEAN formulations and natural ingredients. Never tested on animals, free from aggressive chemicals.

We have banned ingredients that we consider polluting such as silicones, petrolatum, sulphates, aluminum derivatives or petrochemicals.




SHAZY products were designed and created for young people, we grow and change together with you. What are you looking for for your skin? What about your life? Let us know. CONTACT US!


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